• Evenbroekveld 12
  • 9420 Erpe-Mere
  • TEL: +32 2 538 29 92
  • FAX: +32 2 537 52 61
  • info@ohmewatt.be

Who we are

Ohmewatt is a small to medium sized company with 10 collaborators - founded in 1917 - located near Brussels.

Our expertise lies in providing heating solutions by means of electrical resistors, measurement and controlling devices.

To arrive to the best solutions, we work only with exclusive brands as Dynisco, Elstein, Cetal, Ihne&Tesch , Hotset, Tematec and Eltherm. Besides those agencies our own manufacturing shop produces our own Ohmewatt electrical heating elements and resistors.

With great flexibility, enthousiasm and knowledge our team of fullfill practically any demand in our expertise domain.

Our customers are situated in plastics industry, machine building and construction, food, Industrial HVAC and packaging industry.

Our Statement

Deliver electro heat solutions and accessories to industrial customers in Belgium and Luxemburg together with the right advice and the right after sales service.